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Here you will find both English and Hindi languages articles. You will find not only practical life-based but also mental, heartfelt and self-connecting blogs. Which are comes from my personal experiences. we can talk about books knowledge but life experiences are something which we can’t ignore.

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There you can find suggested self-help books blogs and their reviews. here I personally recommend my favorite books which I loved the most or will help you to be successful.

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Hey, this is Kirti Verma. I am here to share my experiences with others so they can relate to me and get some courage to follow their hearts. Since childhood, I have carried a writer in me. I used to write diaries. who always wanted to capture each moment in life through my pen. But I never thought of becoming a writer, it took a long time to realize my passion. Writing is an emotion or you can say life for me.

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Sometimes we stuck in our problems & situations. We started thinking that we can’t get over it but there is always a way to get out. My blogs will help you to come out from them as a fighter.

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listen your inner voice

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